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Millennium Windows & Doors supply all AWS windows and doors; Vantage, Magnum, Elevate & ThermalHeart.

Windows and doors add style and charm to your build, they are a relatively permanent fixture and it is important to make the right decision when selecting your windows or doors. Not only must they look good, but be functional and perform well based on the specific climate and weather conditions your project will be exposed to.

Elevate Architectural and Commercial Series are true commercial systems.
Commercial window and door systems must be installed using sub framing.

We offer:

  • Thermally broken framing
  • Noise Reduction
  • Custom designed solutions
  • Shopfront Framing
  • Compatible operable window & door systems


CentreGLAZE sees a balanced aesthetic, perfect for both residential and commercial applications.


FrontGLAZE reduces the external frame projection of the window, allowing for a cleaner facade without sacrificing strength or durability.


FaceLINE takes it to the limit, with a robust framing system that allows for nearly seamless glass facades.

Thermally Broken

Energy efficient and architecturally styled, our thermally broken commercial window systems feel good inside and look great too.

Acoustic Solutions

Noise an issue? We have a range of products perfect for blocking out that excess noise.