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DecoWood combines the natural look and feel of timber with the durability and low maintenance of aluminium. DecoWood uses photo imaging technology to create a precise reproduction of actual timber.

Here are 7 Super Reasons why DecoWood is Australia’s favourite timber look aluminium.

  • Beautiful – Super Durable DecoWood creates an environment of warmth and style, just like timber. It is versatile and flexible, and can be applied to most aluminium building products where the look of timber is desired.
  • Durable – Super Durable DecoWood is 50% more durable than standard powder coating. Unlike timber, aluminium will never twist, warp or rot, and it is resistant to termite attack. 
  • Sustainable – DecoWood aluminium is an environmentally sustainable alternative. Super Durable DecoWood enables you to enjoy the natural beauty of timber without logging trees. Aluminium is easily recycled and can be recycled many times.
  • Effortless – Super Durable DecoWood never needs sanding, painting, staining or oiling in its lifetime. DecoWood aluminium is light and strong, so it is fast and easy to install.
  • Australian – Rest assured that Super Durable DecoWood is made in Australia, giving you confidence in the high quality of manufacturing and direct benefits to the Australian economy.
  • Quality – Super Durable DecoWood is made from the highest quality powders available that have been tested under extreme environmental conditions and fully comply with Australian and international standards. 
  • Selection – Choose from a wide range of natural textured or smooth wood grain finishes.

DecoWood Colours