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We manufacture all of the AWS Series; Vantage®, Magnum™, Elevate™ and ThermalHEART™.

The Vantage® series is a true domestic product and is designed for residential applications. 
The Magnum™ Series is considered to be semi-commercial and it is based on a 100mm platform.
The Vantage® and Magnum™ Series gives you the convenience of  using traditional, residential installation methods.

The Elevate™ series is a true commercial system and must be installed using sub frames.
The ThermalHEART™ range is thermally broken using a polyamide strip between the aluminium exterior and interior elements to deliver improved energy efficiency for buildings. 
ThermalHEART™ is available in both, residential and commercial depending on your installation needs.

We offer:

  • Sliding Doors
  • Hinged Doors
  • Bi-fold Doors
  • Custom Built Solutions

Magnum Designer Series

Designer Series windows and doors are architecturally inspired, featuring a 102mm frame and bold sash designs to give a clean, striking aesthetic. These systems are designed to offer superior performance characteristics ideal for high-end residential applications. The strong frame and sash profiles enable you to achieve larger openings, support heavier glass panels and create windows free of transoms for an unobstructed view.

Designer Series systems combine contemporary aesthetics with superior performance offering excellent strength, very low air infiltration and high water resistance.

Elevate Architectural Series

With a modern, clean and uniform design, the Architectural series is a high performance and extremely versatile framing system. The strength and adaptability of the series allows for complete design control with simple and sophisticated styling.

Vantage Residential Series

An extensive range of aluminium window and door systems designed for the Australian climate. With high water resistance, WERS ratings and low air infiltration, this series is an economical option that is compliant to all relevant standards.


Australia's leading range of thermally broken aluminium window and door systems. Supporting double glazing, great performance and dual colour options, ThermalHEART™ systems provide design flexibility so you can design to your needs without sacrificing energy efficiency or your home's comfort levels year round.